Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Reverse key.

WALT:We know that we stick to the earth, with
the help of gravity...but what if gravity didn’t exist?  What would you do?
Bullet point 16 ideas.

  • I would give my family  gravity boots so we all don’t fly up in the sky.
  • I would stay in a bulding with my family so we can just float round.
  • I would make a ginoemus gravity machine so the whole world can walk.
  • I would put a astronot suite on so i don’t fly  to the sky and go into space.
  • If I was a goddest I would go to space and use powers to give earth gravity.
  • I would float around in the sky like a bird and i would see the whole world.   
  • I would make a gravity machine that would make us the walk on earth.
  • I would make a  gravity machine for houses to walk in our houses properly.
  • I would get everyone and take them in a hall that has gravity and food to stay alive.
  • I would tie something hevy to my body so i never fly up.  
  • I would fly up to a coconut tree and get them off to make a drink or cake.
  • I would make the ground gravity so we can walk and go into a shope or a house.
  • I would tie something metal to meandmy family so we can never float.
  • I would get a heavy iteam and tie it to my house so it never floats around.

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