Thursday, August 31, 2017

Questions about mahatma gandhi

Questions about mahatma gandhi Image result for mahatma gandhi
When was gandhi born?
2th october 1918

Which god did gandhi's mother worship?
She worshiped the god vishnu

How would you describe apartheid?
Apartheid is the afrikaans word that means being apart

Why was gandhi asked to leave the train?
Because he was not white

What sort of protests did gandhi believe in?
Because he was non violent  protests

Why was gandhi but in jail?
He tried to kill the government

Why did the british decide to improve to help the lives of the poorer people?
They improve the  lives of some of the poorer

Explain what type of person gandhi was and your reasons  for your explanation?

Gandhi would standed  up for the indian’s and other people.

why do you want to learn how to cook.

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Why do you want to learn how to cook?

I want to cook cause

I  can open up a restaurant with maria.

Your  family and friends will be impressed.

You’ll have advantage of knowing what's in your food.

Because my family  friends and other countries might be sad and will starve because they won't  have no food to eat.

                   The End.

My 3x table

3x1=3        3x1=3           3x1=3           3x1=3     
3x2=6        3x2=6           3x2=6           3x2=6
3x3=9        3x3=9           3x3=9           3x3=9
3x4=12      3x4=12         3x4=12        3x4=12
3x5=15      3x5=15         3x5=15       3x5=15
3x6=18      3x6=18         3x6=18       3x6=18
3x7=21      3x7=21         3x7=21       3x7=21
3x8=24      3x8=24         3x8=24       3x8=24
3x9=27      3x9=27         3x9=27       3x9=27
3x10= 30   3x10= 30      3x10= 30    3x10= 30
3x11=33    3x11=33        3x11=33     3x11=33

3x12=36    3x12 =36      3x12=36   3x12 =36

My dad's new car

My Dad’s New Car…
On a beautiful, hot, sunny Sunday me, my sister, my brother and my dad went for a ride to deliver a package to a (fale)house. It was something someone brought off my dad on trademe.
On our way home, my dad asked us if we were hungry, we all said ‘yes’ and we went to get a (meaai)food at Mcdonald's. I had a Big Mac combo because I like Big Mac burgers.
When we finished we went back to my nanny and papa’s house and we saw a black new car in front of the house. We asked my dad ‘who’s new car is this’? My dad said it was his. When we heard it was dad’s new car me, my sister and my brother got excited and could not wait to get inside and go for a ride.
Later that night my dad took us back home to my mum in his new black car. The Key to start my dad’s car is not a key, It is a card key that you put at the bottom of the radio and it slides in like a cd.
Inside my dad’s car it was glowing with sparkling lights that was coming from his radio and it smelled like roses. The chairs are all black. Everything in his new car was black, but the roof was grey.
When we got home we said ‘thank you dad’ for taking us home, you have a really nice car.
I can’t wait to go for another ride in my dad’s new car. I hope I get to sit in the front so I can watch the cool lights coming from the radio and turn the music up louder when a song that I like comes on.
And I like the colour of his car, so when we go for a ride, we will look like a dark shadow in the dark.  

Thank you for listening to my story

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WALT: describe our sense for narrative

Describing my scene

Friday, August 11, 2017

My brothers basketball game.

Selwyn College U15b Boys Basketball Team.

Today on Wednesday the 9th of August I went to my brother’s last basketball game for the season.
It was wet, cold and raining.
He played against Botany College.
When we got to the school  we asked one of the teacher's ‘where’s the Gymnasium’ where they play basketball and he gave us directions to where we should go.
We went inside but it had a lock on the door and you had to push the button so it could open. A boy from their school came and opened the door for us then we went inside.
When we got inside I grabbed the bag and put all the basketball shirts on the chair and laid them out so the team could see the numbers. I grabbed my brother's shirt  to give to him so he could put it on.
His basketball top number he wears every game is number 2, because it is his favorite basketball players number
‘Kyrie Irving’ he plays for the Cavaliers.
My mum told him to go practice shooting. After about 10min my brother told me to go see if the rest of his team have arrived. I went to look but no one had arrived yet so then I went back to the gym and my brother push the button of the door so that I could go in.
He asked me if they were coming and I said no; he said he will be back and he went to look if they were here.
He came back  with Keanu, Petrus, Paulo and Kevin who are players in my brothers team. I saw them all standing by the door so I pushed the button so they could get inside.
I got there T-shirts ready and gave it to them and they said thanks. Then  Leo and Tommy  came.
All of them were practising and then the alarm went off so that the game could start.They came to give the ball and I put it in the team’s bag.
They all had a team talk and put there hands in  and said 3,2,1 ‘Go Selwyn” .Then there game started. There was only six of them so only 1 person could have a rest during the game as there was not enough subs.
I was hoping my brothers team would win even though they only had 6 players, I was really surprised and happy when they won the game. The score was 30 - 16 to Selwyn. I was so happy for my brother and his team when they won.
When it was finished they signed three thank you cards, 1 for my mum who always supports them and washes their tops, 1 for Petrus dad Rick who is there coach and coach John who takes them for training.
When they were done I asked for their T-shirts and they gave it and they said thanks and thanks bruce’s mum or miss.
We went outside and asked if anyone needed a ride, but no one needed one.
so we left.
When I got home I wrote this story and shared it with my family, My brother was surprised and happy I wrote a story about him, My sister Faith said I am more clever than my brother at my age. My mum was extremely happy with my story and she said she was proud of me for writing about my brother.

This is what I did with my family last-night.

This Is my mum’s Thank u card