Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Questions about mahatma gandhi

Questions about mahatma gandhi Image result for mahatma gandhi
When was gandhi born?
2th october 1918

Which god did gandhi's mother worship?
She worshiped the god vishnu

How would you describe apartheid?
Apartheid is the afrikaans word that means being apart

Why was gandhi asked to leave the train?
Because he was not white

What sort of protests did gandhi believe in?
Because he was non violent  protests

Why was gandhi but in jail?
He tried to kill the government

Why did the british decide to improve to help the lives of the poorer people?
They improve the  lives of some of the poorer

Explain what type of person gandhi was and your reasons  for your explanation?

Gandhi would standed  up for the indian’s and other people.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WALT; find out what we are interested in and why

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Why do you want to learn how to cook?

I want to cook cause

I  can open up a restaurant with maria.

Your  family and friends will be impressed.

You’ll have advantage of knowing what's in your food.

Because my family  friends and other countries might be sad and will starve because they won't  have no food to eat.

                   The End.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Learning in room 6.

At school i have been learning  the five major food groups and what is healthy for breakfast the five major food groups are protein  vegetables and fruit bread and cereal milk and milk products and the fifth one is sugar and fats sugar and fats should be the last one because it is bad. it will make you fat and will make your teeth be is fun learning new things.and i learnt the kata care in maori and the values.manaakitanga ako ranimarie whanaungatanga tukumarie. Learning is fun for me and i love learning to Room 6  and it is fun to learn.

                  By Eve