Friday, December 8, 2017

Santa letter

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Dear Santa
Thank you so much for giving us present’s.When I opened my present I was really happy that i got the things that I requested.The thing I liked about my present Is a book to draw In, colouring book and colouring marker’s because Me,My Mum and brother love to colour.But I really loved the cake splat game which is kind of like pie face. when I went home me and my mum did drawing on the princess book that had blank pages on it also Thank you so much I appreciate your kindness.

Love Eve Allini kaitai samu

Trees for survival.

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Did you know NZ is Covered By 40% of Grassland  in our land.In NZ The trees will suck up carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen so we can breath.In Auckland and other countries they chop down trees for wood to build houses,furniture and paper.
Without trees we won’t have oxygen to breath or
shade to sit under if a disaster happens.

Links to tree video’s
Watch and enjoy

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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Today the book I read was
“the dumb bunnies Easter"

by sue Denim

This book is about The dumb bunnies Easter how they got a tree from there neighbours house chopped it decorated it the n put a chicken on the top.

I liked this book because its funny.
A new word i learn is Eggnog carolers and tinsel

Maths test