Friday, September 21, 2018

Tuakana Teina Day!!

                             Tuakana Teina

Yesterday, Room 8 got into a line and quietly walked  down to
Room 3 to do an experiment about a proof house for when an
earthquake happens.

Firstly, when we got to Room 3 we went inside and sat on the mat.
Then we waited quietly for Room 3 to sit on the mat with us because
they were doing reading on the tables.

Secondly, when they sat on the mat Miss Gormly explained the
instructions to both classes and told us what to do. Five mins later
we got up and got into a group of five then we grabbed a piece of
paper and a marker pen to draw our ideas. After we drew our ideas we
got a milk box from Miss Gormly then we drew windows and a door.
In addition when we finished we got materials for our cardboard

Furthermore, the materials we got for our house were marbles, string,
cotton wool,paper clips and bubble rap to protect the house.

Lastly, Room 8 and Room 3 finished the final product of the
earthquake proof houses and we tested our building with the
earthquake app then we took photos and videos.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Boxing letter

Dear Pax,

Thank you for teaching TPS students how to box so we can protect our
selfs if something bad happens. I felt really tired when I heard we were
doing boxing but when we started to do boxing combos I felt really energised.
I’d really like to spend more time having boxing practise with you after school or
after lunch.

The 3 commandments.

I will have respect for myself,my caoch,my peers and the sport of boxing.

I will had disapline to turn up to every boxing session and give my 100%


I will not cause harm to others and only practice boxing in a safe environment under the
guidance of a coach.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Magic snow!!

            Magic snow.
Crystal’y magic snow, on Wednesday morning Room 8 students did a science experiment about magic snow and I was very excited!

Firstly, Ms Bracey explained history of the magic snow and Room 8 students were listening. One of the things Ms Bracey said was the WARNING so none of us tried eating the snow. The powdery product in the smaller package is called polymer that companies use for diapers.                   

Secondly, after Ms Bracey explained we followed her instructions. The materials we got was a plastic cup that was transparent, ½  a cup of water, scissors and the magic snow.

Thirdly, we played with the magic snow just in case it was dried, next we cut the package open and grabbed the smaller package inside that had the product. We got the scissors and cut it open, after we cut it open we put the magic snow into a transparent cup. When we did that we waited for Ms Bracey to give each group ½  a cup of cold water from the tap.

Finally, Ms Bracey gave the groups  ½ a cup of water and then we poured it in the snow, when we put the water inside the snow it started rising like orbeez, ( little balls from the $2.00 shop). Room 8 finished the science experiment and started to play with the final results of the magic snow, the magic snow felt like  squishy, soft, cotton candy!


          Making a chatterbox.                           
                   WALT:Use our listening skill
I was very curious about what we were doing in the morning on
Wednesday the 5th of September.
Firstly, Ms Bracey tore 1 piece of paper from the magazine then
passed it around in a circle. After Ms Bracey passed the paper from
the magazine she           passed the scissors.
Secondly,  Ms Bracey explained to us what to do and we followed
her instructions. Furthermore we folded the paper into a large
triangle then we cut the bottom of the piece of paper then we
discarded it into the paper bin. Next we unfolded the paper then
grabbed the corners and put it to the middle, then we flipped it
around and put the corners to the middle then the chatterbox was
Last of all, when we made it we took photos and some of us even
made tiny ones!! Room 8 finished the final results of the chatterbox
then did a recount about it and explained about how to make one.


Monday, August 13, 2018


Today on Monday Room 8 went to boxing in the hall.When we got there our boxing teacher was in the hall waiting and her name is Pax.
Firstly we got white cloves but them on then but the boxing cloves on.When we did that we played a game,the game was about movements like moving to the side,foward and back.
Secondly we learnt moves that were rock,hook,jab,upper cuts,cross and steps.After that we did all the move together.
When we Room 8 was returning to their class we couldn’t see any of the other classes bag,learning and it was quiet in the hallway.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Addition-WALT:Making 10


Image result for pwc

WALT:Financial literacy in Tamaki Primary.

Last week on Monday Room 8 had two special guests Annabelle and
Richard. Richard and Annabelle came from P.W.C which means
PriceWaterhouseCoopers. We learnt  how to save money and making
good choices with it. They gave us booklets about income and trust in
someone. We did plays about what we would do if our younger
siblings drowned, if a tree got on fire or letting someone borrow our