Monday, August 13, 2018


Today on Monday Room 8 went to boxing in the hall.When we got there our boxing teacher was in the hall waiting and her name is Pax.
Firstly we got white cloves but them on then but the boxing cloves on.When we did that we played a game,the game was about movements like moving to the side,foward and back.
Secondly we learnt moves that were rock,hook,jab,upper cuts,cross and steps.After that we did all the move together.
When we Room 8 was returning to their class we couldn’t see any of the other classes bag,learning and it was quiet in the hallway.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Addition-WALT:Making 10


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WALT:Financial literacy in Tamaki Primary.

Last week on Monday Room 8 had two special guests Annabelle and
Richard. Richard and Annabelle came from P.W.C which means
PriceWaterhouseCoopers. We learnt  how to save money and making
good choices with it. They gave us booklets about income and trust in
someone. We did plays about what we would do if our younger
siblings drowned, if a tree got on fire or letting someone borrow our

Science Term 3

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thought cloud

WALT:Create my text,Increase the size of my writing,give depth to my clouds outline and replace the colour of the fill to clear.


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One day there was a robbery at the bank so Spiderman and
Hulk were going to save the day then Hulk said (lets go in the
drain to get there cause its faster) But Spiderman disagreed.

Santa Claus.

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Santa claus finding a portal to a new world.
WALT: Write a descriptive

One evening Santa Claus who is a big fat old man was going to the Train
Station to take a train to the north pole,2 years later Santa Claus got into trouble
because he forgot to give the children their presents.At night he saw a magical
portal in his room,he got up then touched it,he looked around his room so no
one saw him then went inside of it.

In the magical portal his sleight and the kids presents so he delivered the
presents and got a reward.

Teenage girl

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Once upon a time there was a teenage girl and her name was  Emma.
Emma's friends were Jessica and Alisha.One day Emma was
sitting next to so  Jessica said she was going to do this said this
(I have to get revenge) so she wrote a note saying i'm so happy we
walk together to school then put her hand  up and blamed Emma for
looking at her work but she wasnt really looking at the note.So Emma
got in trouble and got detention.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Reverse key.

WALT:We know that we stick to the earth, with
the help of gravity...but what if gravity didn’t exist?  What would you do?
Bullet point 16 ideas.

  • I would give my family  gravity boots so we all don’t fly up in the sky.
  • I would stay in a bulding with my family so we can just float round.
  • I would make a ginoemus gravity machine so the whole world can walk.
  • I would put a astronot suite on so i don’t fly  to the sky and go into space.
  • If I was a goddest I would go to space and use powers to give earth gravity.
  • I would float around in the sky like a bird and i would see the whole world.   
  • I would make a gravity machine that would make us the walk on earth.
  • I would make a  gravity machine for houses to walk in our houses properly.
  • I would get everyone and take them in a hall that has gravity and food to stay alive.
  • I would tie something hevy to my body so i never fly up.  
  • I would fly up to a coconut tree and get them off to make a drink or cake.
  • I would make the ground gravity so we can walk and go into a shope or a house.
  • I would tie something metal to meandmy family so we can never float.
  • I would get a heavy iteam and tie it to my house so it never floats around.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Alphabet key:A-Z

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WALT:Complete and A-Z listing of all
the key topic vocabulary to
do with Earth and Beyond.
B-Black hole
F-Fire flameing ball
K-Kuiper belt
Y-Yellow,orange and red

Z-Zero persent of gravity

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Eve~Describing the sun.

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WALT:use of punctuation to explain the sun and use a brainstorm.

1.Did you know that the sun is a star?

2.In addition the sun is 149.6 million km away from the earth!

3.Furthermore without the sun everything would be frozen and cold.

4.something you need to know is the sun is a gas planet. fact the sun is a hydrogen bomb.

6.The sun is so hot and enormous that you can’t even hold it.

7.Did you know that the sun has solar flares?

Monday, June 18, 2018

Science waking water.Week 4

Firstly Ms Bracey and Room 8 did a experiment called the walking water.

Firstly we had to get buddies and my buddy was Falakika then put water in the 4 cups then added the 3 primary colours in it.The 3 primary colours is red,yellow and blue.Next Mrs Bracey put the 4 pieces of paper in them.Then we waited for it to absorb.                

Secondly we got a A4 piece of paper to write what we think happened and what will happen.

Last of all when we finished we but everything away and left the experiment on the red oranges table.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018


WALT:to explain and use specific vocabulary.

What do you do in volleyball?

You can learn how to do volleyball skills.

Firstly at volleyball you can  learn how to stand in your ready position and learn how to serve.

Furthermore you don’t hit the volleyball out of bounds and not to high or else you might injure another volleyball player.

Lastly volleyball when you finish learning the skills you play a game.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My Puzzle of the solar system.

Last week on Friday Room 8 got a 1/4 Black piece of paper, and 1/20 colored piece of paper.On the 1/20 piece of paper the picture had half of something in the solar system.We all drew what was on the 1/20 piece of paper but we didn't know what it would make. I did half of Jupiter and my friend Alyssa had drawn the other  half.When we finished drawing on the 1/4 paper me and my friends put our planets together. On Monday we came back to school and saw it,when we saw it the picture was of the solar system and here is me with the final results.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Eve~The Sun

Related image

*Did you know that the sun is a Hydrogen bomb?

*In fact the sun is a giant gas planet.
*The colour of the sun is red and orange.

*Without the sun everything would be frozen and cold.

*Something you need to know is the sun is so hot and ginormous that you can’t even hold it!

*Furthermore the sun is 149.6 million km away from the earth!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In Planetarium at Stardome.

WALT:Repeat writing on explanation.
Challenge:This time I added a Simile.

Secondly they’re heaps of rows of comfortable chairs in the planetarium. You can lie back on the chairs.Next  you look up and you see a 3D robot movie and planets.Its like you are in a globe.

Stardome-In the corridor at stardome.

WALT:Learning to write on explanation with sentence control and commas to form a list.
Challenge:This is a challenge to write in the present tense.

Firstly Stardome has lots of facts about the Solar System.

In the corridors at stardome you can learn interesting facts about the Solar System.
At Stardome some of the facts are about a small piece of rock from Mars,telescopes,matariki
and how night and day happen

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Iron up sports.

I learnt to embed a photo on to my blog.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Eve-My sgraffito.

My sgraffito shows Mokoia Pa. In Mokoia Pa there was a fortified village on a hill that was very protected with Maori people.Mokoia Pa was built on a volcano. The people grew vegetables from the fertile. In Tamaki River there was a lot of fish that you could hunt, cook, then eat for food. In the olden days Panmure used to have a swing bridge but then they changed and named it  Panmure Bridge.

WALT:I learnt how to create a sgraffito. I  learnt about Mokoia Pa. We also learnt about the two previous Panmure Bridges.

Monday, April 9, 2018

All about me.

Malo,Talofa lava and greetings to you all.My name is Eve. I am nine years old, turning ten. I have one brother, one sister and a new born baby on the way. My bigger siblings names are Faith and  Bruce. I go to Tamaki Primary School and I am Samoan Cook Island and Maori. I am good at basketball and netball. In Room 8 I enjoy learning new things. My goal for this year is to focus on my learning and to not talk to anyone well doing my work.

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Waku tapu by Jeff Evans


                           Waka tapu by Jeff Evans.

What is this article about?
A long time ago polynesian voyagers sailed.
A long and dangerous journey.Polynesian voyages sailed 10,000 nautical miles on the pacific ocean.from New Zealand to Rapanui and back.Polynesian voyagers sailed a long time ago.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

My Maps Te Tuhi.

  I learnt how to put a Map on my blog and make a Map.