Thursday, May 31, 2018


WALT:to explain and use specific vocabulary.

What do you do in volleyball?

You can learn how to do volleyball skills.

Firstly at volleyball you can  learn how to stand in your ready position and learn how to serve.

Furthermore you don’t hit the volleyball out of bounds and not to high or else you might injure another volleyball player.

Lastly volleyball when you finish learning the skills you play a game.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My Puzzle of the solar system.

Last week on Friday Room 8 got a 1/4 Black piece of paper, and 1/20 colored piece of paper.On the 1/20 piece of paper the picture had half of something in the solar system.We all drew what was on the 1/20 piece of paper but we didn't know what it would make. I did half of Jupiter and my friend Alyssa had drawn the other  half.When we finished drawing on the 1/4 paper me and my friends put our planets together. On Monday we came back to school and saw it,when we saw it the picture was of the solar system and here is me with the final results.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Eve~The Sun

Related image

*Did you know that the sun is a Hydrogen bomb?

*In fact the sun is a giant gas planet.
*The colour of the sun is red and orange.

*Without the sun everything would be frozen and cold.

*Something you need to know is the sun is so hot and ginormous that you can’t even hold it!

*Furthermore the sun is 149.6 million km away from the earth!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In Planetarium at Stardome.

WALT:Repeat writing on explanation.
Challenge:This time I added a Simile.

Secondly they’re heaps of rows of comfortable chairs in the planetarium. You can lie back on the chairs.Next  you look up and you see a 3D robot movie and planets.Its like you are in a globe.

Stardome-In the corridor at stardome.

WALT:Learning to write on explanation with sentence control and commas to form a list.
Challenge:This is a challenge to write in the present tense.

Firstly Stardome has lots of facts about the Solar System.

In the corridors at stardome you can learn interesting facts about the Solar System.
At Stardome some of the facts are about a small piece of rock from Mars,telescopes,matariki
and how night and day happen

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Iron up sports.

I learnt to embed a photo on to my blog.