Thursday, August 31, 2017

My dad's new car

My Dad’s New Car…
On a beautiful, hot, sunny Sunday me, my sister, my brother and my dad went for a ride to deliver a package to a (fale)house. It was something someone brought off my dad on trademe.
On our way home, my dad asked us if we were hungry, we all said ‘yes’ and we went to get a (meaai)food at Mcdonald's. I had a Big Mac combo because I like Big Mac burgers.
When we finished we went back to my nanny and papa’s house and we saw a black new car in front of the house. We asked my dad ‘who’s new car is this’? My dad said it was his. When we heard it was dad’s new car me, my sister and my brother got excited and could not wait to get inside and go for a ride.
Later that night my dad took us back home to my mum in his new black car. The Key to start my dad’s car is not a key, It is a card key that you put at the bottom of the radio and it slides in like a cd.
Inside my dad’s car it was glowing with sparkling lights that was coming from his radio and it smelled like roses. The chairs are all black. Everything in his new car was black, but the roof was grey.
When we got home we said ‘thank you dad’ for taking us home, you have a really nice car.
I can’t wait to go for another ride in my dad’s new car. I hope I get to sit in the front so I can watch the cool lights coming from the radio and turn the music up louder when a song that I like comes on.
And I like the colour of his car, so when we go for a ride, we will look like a dark shadow in the dark.  

Thank you for listening to my story

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