Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Te tuhi

        Te tuhi trip.

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Yesterday mrs sharma said we were going on a trip to te tuhi’ in class we were doing some work then the bell, rang then it was morning tea time so we went outside and played when the bell rang we went straight to class and sat down on the mat then we waited for my mum levi’s mum was already here then my mum came so then mrs sharma said that we were going so we got up and got into a line’ so we started to walk to the bus the bus was green so when we got to the bus the teacher counted us then we went in the bus when we sat down the bus driver drove off to te tuhi it was just we’re the warehouse was so we hopped off the bus and went inside then this lady named salome welcomed us in then we went to set down we said good morning and she said morning back to us then she took us to the class’ when we got there we put on the Aprint so the paint doesn't go on us then we felt and talked about the tapa cloths we had’ then we made our tapa cloth in  samoa you call it siapo’ in tonga you call it ngutu’ when we we’re done we went to look around when we we’re done we went and we had to think about what were the things we sore when we sad them salome checked and said yes or no when we finished we said bye and went back to the bus and went back to school so

we had to write about Te tuhi to. THE EAD

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