Thursday, November 9, 2017

Guy fawkes

                                 Guy fawkes
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“Dad dad can we get some fireworks” I yelled  no no no he said because you need to get ready for school and get some sleep,when he said that I was sad  so I walked out and ran upstairs to my cousin in my aunt's room.I opened the window then I looked outside,I saw a lot of fireworks and The smell of smoke.When the firework went up different patterns showed like lines circles and dots.The thing that I liked about fireworks Is that It shows different colours.But when we were going to our mum’s house my dad stopped and at the shop and got some fireworks that had a rainbow sparkle and the normal little gray ones.I’m not sure what the other one was called But then when we got it we went straight to my mums house where we lived.5 minutes later we were home.I really wanted to do it so i ran put my stuff inside ran outside and asked my dad to light some up. But my dad was tired so he lighted one more and said bye to us and drove off to his house. I wish I could go back In time so I can have more fun with my samoan family that lives in glen innes.

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