Thursday, May 25, 2017

Potato and onion fritter recipe.

Potato and onion fritters recipes.
-Material required           ingredients required
-An Electric frying pan        - 2 potatos
-A wooden spatula              -2  onions
-some paper napkin     -1 cup of chickpea powder
-A few plates                     -4 cups of olive oil            
-A tea towel                       -2 cups of water    
-A knife                              - salt to taste
-A peeler                           - some black pepper  
-A big bowl

On Thursday we made potato and onion fritters for us to eat to make fritters we

Used 3 big plates and 1 big bowl then  mrs sharma and gus started to  peel 3 potato and 3 onions well mrs sharma dices the onions and potato well gus was peeling the onions then we put the potatoes  chickpea powder  2 cups of water and some black pepper and salt to taste then mrs sharma scooped some mixture with her hands and then put it in the Electric pan and waited for it to boil we opened the windows and doors to let the smoke go out when it was nice crispy and golden  ms flipped it with a wooden spatula when it was finished we put it in a plastic  plate then we all tasted two each  when we finished we said thank you mrs sharma ana went to finish  our work.

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